Kidnapping, Robbery Attempt Stopped by Quick Thinking Husband and Wife!

(Windsor, NC) – Authorities in this small North Carolina town are praising a local woman for her calm in the midst of a very stressful situation.

According to police chief Todd Lane, a local woman was working in her business late one night when Avery Holley barged into the business demanding money and implying he had a gun.

After being told by the woman that she did not have any money, Holley forced the woman into her own vehicle and drove her around town. That’s when the woman suggested that Holley take her to her own residence, where she said she would give him money.

“She really kept her wits about her. She was able to de-escalate the situation,” Lane said. “The subject was much bigger than her, much stronger. He manhandled her a little bit, but she kept her wits about her.”

In reality, the woman knew that her husband would be home and waiting for her arrival. Police say that when Holley saw the woman’s husband as they entered the home, he began to choke the woman and ordered her husband to his knees.

But the husband was armed and immediately fired at the suspect, who fled on foot.

The woman and her husband did not sustain any injuries, and police report the woman went right back to work that same evening. Holley is now facing charges of first-degree kidnapping, felony breaking and entering, and felony larceny.

No charges are expected against the husband, and Chief Lane confirmed that he was well within his rights to fire his firearm as he was in fear of his own and his wife’s life.

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