This Town Declared War on Gun Owners!

(USA) – Not content with state law that already makes it a crime to own many of the firearms that other Americans enjoy, the San Jose City Council recently went a step further.

At a recent meeting, the City Council passed an ordinance that makes it a crime for gun owners to leave home without securing all of their firearms — rendering them inoperable.

Citing the recent Las Vegas shooting as a motivation, the council has created yet another unenforceable law that will only serve to harass law abiding gun owners.

If convicted of a violation of the statute, gun owners would serve up to six months in prison and face fines of up to $1,000!

Despite horrific examples of innocent people being murdered due to California’s storage laws, the council isn’t finished targeting gun owners.
Councilman Chappie Jones is seeking to make it a crime for gun owners to have any firearms in their home available for self-defense, requiring all firearms to be locked up at all times if not being handled.

Just like other states that enact a radical gun control agenda, California is consistently ranked amongst the most dangerous states in the country.

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