Woman Shoots Pipe Wielding Madman

(Omaha, NE)  – An Omaha woman suffered a broken arm and bruising when her enraged ex-boyfriend smashed his way into her home and viciously attacked her.

But her friend was armed and likely saved her life.

The ex-boyfriend, 45-year-old Anthony Evans, battered on the door of the victim’s house demanding to see her and her children. The woman, fearing for their lives, took her three children and hid them upstairs before going to speak with Evans.

When she opened the door, Evans violently attacked her, throwing her on the ground, choking her and then beating her with a pipe as she tried to flee. She escaped but Evans attacked her again, hitting her on the back and arm with his pipe while promising to kill her and her friends.

One of the other women had a pistol on her and drawing it, she pointed it at Evans and warned him to stop. When he refused saying, “Go ahead and shoot me,” she shot him in the abdomen, ending his rampage.

Evans has been charged with felony domestic violence assault and four cases of terroristic threats.

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