Woman Kills Home Intruder

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(Sanford, North Carolina) – A home owner was minding her own business on Thursday morning when she heard a jiggling noise coming from the front door. Startled and nervous, she quietly retrieved her self-defense firearm and headed toward the front door.

She slowly opened the door to see who was there. That’s when the suspect, Bryant Martin, violently forced his way into her home. It was at that time that a struggle ensued between the home owner and the suspect.

That’s when the home owner, fearing that her life was about to end by a man who was much more powerful than her, opened fire in a desperate attempt to save herself from certain death.

The suspect fled on foot out the front door, and the home owner immediately called 911. When police arrived on the scene, they found Mr. Martin with a gun shot would to the chest which had ended his life and his criminal career.

Authorities say that they do not see any charges coming against the home owner, who was simply “standing her ground” and did what was necessary to defend her home. North Carolina expanded its “stand-your-ground” law in 2011 which made it easier for home owners to defend their lives without fear of repercussions from the legal system.

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