Resident Stops Home Invasion with Shotgun!

(Summerfield, FL) – A Summerfield man is lucky to be alive after being the victim of a violent home invasion.

Authorities say that the whole thing took place on SE 158th Pl where a vehicle with four men pulled into the driveway of this home and the suspects, some of them armed, burst into the home.

The resident herded himself and his girlfriend into a rear bedroom and tried to barricade the door as the suspects tried to force their way into the room. At one point the door opened a crack and the resident’s dog rushed out to attack the intruders, only to be shot.

The resident said that one of the suspects then reached inside the room and opened fire, blindly, prompting him to act.

“My girlfriend was at the closet at the time and I yelled at her. I said, ‘Throw me my shotgun.’ She threw the shotgun at me like in the movies and I caught and I fired one time, and I guess it hit the guy in the chest or whatever,” the victim said.

Police said that the injured man, identified at 32-yr-old Shawn King, was taken to a nearby hospital by his accomplices where he later died. Neither the man nor woman living at the home were injured.

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