Home Owner Chases Off Nude Intruder

(Tempe, Arizona) – As Tyler Piltz, his wife, and two children spent time in their Arizona home last week, they were not expecting a naked man to come walking into their home.

But that’s exactly what happened according the police investigators who arrived on the scene.

The suspect, a mid-thirty’s Hispanic man was totally erratic and keep trying to ‘sell the family some diamonds.’ Fearing for his family, Piltz drew a handgun and tried to detain the suspect at gunpoint. Instead, the suspect fled the scene and authorities are still looking for him.

Piltz said, “You know, if he wouldn’t have left, I know that I wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot him.” His 4-yr-old daughter was traumatized by the incident and kept asking Piltz, “Daddy, is the monster gone? Did you take care of the monster?”

Piltz reassured his daughter, saying ‘Yeah, daddy got rid of the bad man.’

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