17-Year-Old Girls Stops Intruder

(Spokane, Washington) – In a state inundated with Michael Bloomberg-styled gun control, one 17-year-old girl is lucky to be alive as what should have been a regular weekday morning turned into a day she will never forget.

Kimber Wood was lying in bed watching the local morning show when her boyfriend informed her of a suspect who was on the loose in the area.

Concerned about potentially coming face to face with a dangerous criminal, Kimber called her dad and asked if she could retrieve one of his guns for protection. After receiving permission from her father, Kimber placed a handgun nearby and went about her morning routine.

A short time later she heard a violent crash in her home.

Grabbing her dad’s pistol and hiding behind her makeup vanity, Wood sat quietly, hoping the suspect wouldn’t enter the room. When the suspect finally made his way to her room, she bravely stood up and pointed the gun at the suspect and told him to leave her home immediately.

The suspect, looking down the barrel of Kimber’s gun, took off running for his life. Authorities say the suspect remains on the loose and praised Wood for her actions.

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