Road Rage Incident Stopped by Armed Man

(Sparta, MI) – During a road rage incident on M-37 in rural Michigan, police say two vehicles came to a stop on the side of the road and a violent altercation ensued.

That’s when 43-yr-old Robert Chipman said he was attacked by two brothers, 20-yr-old Donald Dudley and 18-yr-old Benjamin Dudley. Fearing for his life, Chipman opened fire on the pair, killing Donald and severely wounding Benjamin.

Chipman, who possess a concealed handgun license, will not be facing charges in the situation according to Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker saying that, “The facts clearly show Robert was not the aggressor, the two brothers were.”

“In this case, the altercation was at least two-on-one, with the possibility of it being three-on-one,” Becker continued.

Michigan is a Stand-Your-Ground law state.

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