Woman Shoots Suspect to End Assault

(Bloomington, OH) – When Kim Sinnott came to her parent’s home in the 700 block of South Clayton St., it was to celebrate her father’s 75th birthday.

But a few hours later, after being woken by the home’s alarm system and seeing movement in the garage, Sinnott found herself face to face with 21-yr-old Mykale Davis.

Sinnott said, “I told him a hundred times not to come out because I had a gun and that I would shoot and that we were waiting for the cops, that we had the cops on the line right now.”

But according to police, Davis attacked Sinnott, pulled her to the ground, and was wrestling with her, prompting Sinnott to shoot Davis with her father’s .32 pistol, handed to her by her mother as she went to investigate.

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After fleeing the scene, Davis was apprehended by police and taken to a nearby hospital for a non life-threatening gun shot wound and was later booked in the McLean County Jail on a $5,270 bond.

Although Ohio is not a Stand-Your-Ground state, authorities are not anticipating charges, according to First Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Ghrist.

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