Violent Home Invasion Suspect Detained by Armed Neighbor

(Ocala, FL) – Connie Bryant was asleep in her home in the 18800 block of 31st St. early Tuesday morning when a man began to pound on the rear door, threatening Bryant.

As Bryant fled to the front of the house, she heard the suspect breaking down the rear door of her home, and so she went to her neighbor’s home for assistance.

Authorities say the neighbor grabbed his pistol and stepped outside in time to see the suspect break through Bryant’s fence that separated their properties. The neighbor fired a warning shot and the suspect took off.

The next day, the suspect returned to apologize to Bryant but was detained by Bryant’s armed son. Neighbors helped secure the suspect until police could arrive.

Police identified the suspect as 26-yr-old Anthony Talley and said he’s facing a May 30 court date and is currently being held without bond.


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