Three Suspects Shot, Multiple Killed, by Would-Be Victim

(Houston) – In a dramatic scene in this North Houston neighborhood, police are reporting that a homeowner survived an assassination attempt by multiple armed suspects.

Authorities do not know why the homeowner was targeted as he worked in his yard, but they are reporting that a vehicle drove into his yard where all three occupants opened fire.

Detectives said that the homeowner hid behind some shrubbery and pulled his own handgun and returned fire, striking all three suspects. One suspect died on the scene, another died after being taken to a nearby hospital, while the third was wounded in the leg and received treatment.

Amazingly, the homeowner emerged from the altercation unharmed despite the fact that more than 40 shots were fired during the altercation!

Police say the situation appears to be a case of self-defense and the homeowner is not presently facing any charges. Texas is a Stand-Your-Ground state.

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