Tennessee Woman Sends Five Burglars Fleeing!

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(Beach Bluff, TN) – “I almost killed him, one of them could have been dead.”

That’s what Beach Bluff resident Elsie Lee said following an incident that took place in her home last Monday morning.

Lee said that she was asleep in her bedroom when she heard a crashing noise in her house, and woke up with a start. Fearing for her son’s safety, she ran through her home approaching the front door armed with her .45 caliber handgun and a shotgun.

“I put the gun in his face and asked him if there was something I could do for him,” Lee said. The suspect fled the home and joined others in fleeing the scene in a vehicle.

Investigators report that Lee was able to provide them with a vehicle license plate number, leading to the swift apprehension of four adults and one juvenile male within an hour of the incident. Each will be charged with aggravated burglary.

No charges are expected to be filed against Lee.

Read more here: http://www.wbbjtv.com/2017/05/16/mom-pulls-guns-chase-off-5-burglars/