Armed Good Samaritan Foils Crime

(Memphis, TN) – Police in Memphis are reporting that a ‘Good Samaritan’ with a pistol stopped a violent crime in progress last Thursday.

That’s when a parking lot attendant, who was walking a woman to her vehicle, was rushed and attacked from behind with an unspecified blunt object — knocking him to the ground.

The suspect then began to rifle through the man’s pockets, but was stopped by a witness who pulled his lawfully carried concealed handgun and ordered the suspect to stop.

MPD Colonel Gloria Bullock said the suspect insisted that, “I don’t have a gun,” before leaving in a tan Toyota. Bullock went on to say that citizens need to be wary, stating that, “They look for opportunity, they look when you’re not watching and jump up on you.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities.


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