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Stacey Abrams Video: You Are A “BIGOT” If You Stand Your Ground

Kennesaw, Georgia — The video below speaks for itself.

Well-known anti-gunner, Socialist Stacey Abrams, who’s running for governor in the state of Georgia as a Democrat, has now been caught on video saying that anyone who wishes to stand their ground in the face of a violent attack is a BIGOT.

So far, Socialist Stacey has stayed away from openly saying she wishes to repeal Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law, which protects Georgians from civil and criminal liability when defending themselves from an attack.

But we know she wants to repeal “Stand Your Ground”, because her main campaign financier, San Francisco billionaire Steve Phillips, lists it right on his PowerPAC website under Socialist Stacey Abrams’ profile.

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Here’s the video:

Second Amendment Daily has highlighted Socialist Stacey in these pages on a number of occasions recently, as she is very likely the most left-wing, anti-gun candidate for governor in the country running this year.

Here are a couple of those articles:

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