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BREAKING: President Trump Considering New 3-D Gun Ban?

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Why would the NRA and President Trump give in to the gun-grabbers demands to BAN “3-D Plastic Guns” or even printers?

Here’s the President’s words just moment ago . . .

Gun-grabbers remain triggered ever since the idea of printing a 3-D plastic firearm has been in the news cycle.

They are trying everything in their power to stop this from going mainstream.

The most recent attempt was a lawsuit to try to block the schematics from the Internet but that was blocked by a judge out of Austin, Texas.

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This ruling hasn’t stopped the crazed gun grabbers who are now introducing a bill in Congress prohibiting the printing of 3-D plastic firearms.

ABC News reports:

Democratic Policy and Communications committee and Co-Chair David Cicilline (RI-01) has drafed legislation that he will introduce in the U.S House to prohibit the 3-D printing of Plastic firearms that cannot be detected by commonly used security checkpoints.

“Gun violence is an epidemic in our country,” said Cicilline. “We should be doing everything we can to make it more difficult for criminals, children and individuals with serious mental illness to possess a gun. Instead, the Trump administration’s decision will open the floodgates and allow anyone with access to the internet and a 3-D printer to possess a firearm. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Congress needs to step in and prevent the distribution of this technology”.

Cicillines bill prohibits the manufacture or possession of 3-D printed guns that are made of plastic, rendering them virtually undetectable by modern security technology.

This isn’t about making it more difficult for criminals to possess firearms, but in fact it is about more control by the government.

The left’s ultimate goal is to ban and confiscate all firearms from civilians, and repealing the Second Amendment.

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They cannot stand the fact that a law-abiding citizen will gain access to firearms without them knowing.

This could shatter the left’s push for gun reform, and “reasonable gun safety”.

The schematics for 3-D guns will go online on August 1st.

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