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85-Year-Old Man Shoots, Kills Home Invader: “I just fired one”


(Ellport, PA) — When Don Lutz laid his head down to sleep yesterday he had no idea two thugs would break into his home in the middle of the night … and he would shoot and kill one of them.

But that’s exactly what happened.

And it’s precisely the reason Don Lutz sleeps with a .380 under his pillow.

According to a story is pittsburgh.cbslocal.com, Mr. Lutz was ready, and all it took was one shot:

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He said he got out of bed, and was confronted by one of the suspects.

“I was in bed sleeping, they woke me up,” said Lutz. “Woken up to them busting in on my front door, and I went out in the hallway in the dark, and I met this one guy, and he went to grab me and that’s when I shot him.”

The man who was shot died on the kitchen floor.

Lutz said he then got into a scuffle with the second intruder, who was eventually able to run from the home. He is still not in custody.

“Oh yeah, I would have shot him. They dropped the gun out of my hands, It was laying on the floor. I would have shot him, too,” said Lutz.

A report at Fox8.com has another quote from Mr. Lutz about the wild events at his home last night:

“I just fired one. It was in the dark. He attacked me and he was up close and I shot him,” Lutz said. “They jumped me and we both went on the floor. I scuffled with them on the floor and the one guy rolled over dead and the other guy, he jumped up and went out the door.”

Police are searching for the second intruder who ran off.

“The other one, maybe the bullet hit him, too. I don’t know. I hope so,” Lutz said.

Here, here, Mr. Lutz.  Because you were packing, you very likely saved your own life.

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