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Thug Shot in Self-Defense, Steals and Crashes Getaway Truck


(Lexington, S.C)– Police say Mark Emil Day, 27, was shot in self-defense after threatening several people with a pressure washer.

WLTX.com has a statement from Lexington County Sherrif Jay Koon:

“Based on victim and witness statements we gathered at the scene, a man shot Day in self-defense as Day was threatening him and three other people with a pressure washer wand at a home on Millers Branch Road,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said.

“Day ran away after being shot and eventually two passersby in a truck stopped to check on him as he walked down Meadowlark Road.”

Day fled the scene after being receiving a gun shot wound to the upper body and eventually two passersby in a truck stopped to check on him as he walked down Meadowlark Road.

Day opened the truck’s front passenger door, entered the car, repeatedly punched the passenger in the face and pulled her out of the truck, according to detectives. He pushed the driver out of the truck and drove it away.

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Moments after stealing the truck, Day lost control, and crashed.

Not only did he receive treatment for his injuries, but he also reveived four counts of assault and battery and two counts of carjacking.






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